Your open-air gym

Olbia, and Sardinia in general, offers excellent opportunities for practising all kinds of sport, whether you want to continue, learn something new or experiment in new and exciting settings.
Fromtrekking to nordic walking to kite-surfing to sup, beach volleyball or simply running, you can keep in shape however you like, even on holiday.
Thanks to its convenient position, Olbia allows everyone to find their favourite challenge. Clilmbing, walking or swimming. Take your pick and find your space.

There are many sports centres where you can find the information you need or find other people with whom you can share your passion. On many beaches of the coast, there are specialist centres where you can learn how to kite-surf, wind-surf or sup; there are many diving centres where you can enjoy exploring the exciting ocean floor surrounding Olbia.
You can rent dinghies or other kinds of boats to enjoy excursions along the coast.
You can decide to follow MTB itineraries or walking excursions, or simply put on some comfortable shoes and enjoy a stroll or jog along the shore.
This is paradise for all sports: you simply need to choose, enquire and begin.